Voix de la diaspora

Around 1000 people attend the commemoration of Marc Diab; Soldier, Hero, Citizen

By Lara Makhoul


An event was held on the 22nd of April, 2012, paying tribute to a fallen Canadian soldier, Marc Diab.


Sons of Lebanon, in collaboration with Liban 2013, - Jeunes pour la Participation Démocratique- organized this special event.


Around 1000 people attended the 1hour commemoration that Sunday night to remember Marc Diab and the fellow Canadian Soldiers at the Charles Michel de Salaberry Armoury in Laval, Quebec. It came 3 years after Marc Diab’s passing.


Marc Diab, a Canadian soldier of Lebanese origin, was only 22 years old when he lost his life in March 2009 in Afghanistan after his vehicle struck a roadside bomb.


His mother, Jihan Diab, in her speech at the event mentioned that she always knew her son made the right choice and joined the army, for “he loved freedom and he found this in Canada.” She also stated how happy that decision made him; “Marc enrolled in the Canadian army and was very proud to wear the uniform.”


Among the attendees was the honourable minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism Jason Kenney, the minister of culture, communications, and women’s conditions in Quebec Christine St-Pierre, Marc Diab’s parents and family, and director Brendon Culliton of the movie ‘If I Should Fall’ which portrays Marc’s, and therefore other soldiers’ journey and battle for peace and freedom in Afghanistan.


Each, in turn, paid tribute to Marc Diab and all the Canadian soldiers fighting for freedom.


Minister Jason Kenney remembered Marc and the 157 fallen Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan whose sacrifices “have helped keep the world safe from that kind of unthinkable violence.”


Minister Christine St-Pierre remembered the event of 9/11 and thought of how it might have marked Marc when he was only 15 years old, and how in his mind he wanted to defend democracy. She addressed Marc’s parents and told them “[their] son, Marc, will be forever a hero.”


Finally, Director Brendon Culliton paid tribute to a “brother” and mentioned the importance of not forgetting the sacrifices of our soldiers.

Two sequences of the movie ‘If I Should Fall’ were played in the middle and at the end of the commemorative event.


All the monetary contribution that was made to attend the event served as two grants honouring Marc Diab. Donations made went to the Canadian Hero Fund and Marc Diab Children’s Foundation.

A reception followed and concluded the night.